Our Products

At ADI International, we take pride in producing the highest quality decorated apparel, fabricated from the finest materials available. Our experience merchandisers extensively research our ingredients, spanning the globe to ensure our products are tailored to the highest standard. Our products are the mainstay of our revenue and therefore we strive to guarantee that each final product reflects ADI International's commitment to the highest possible quality.

Using our advanced technology and cutting edge equipment and machinery, we have the capacity to produce a wide range of apparel in 16 colors Print and 18 colors embroidery. Our products include Lacoste, Jersey, Herringbone, Honeycomb, Jacquard Knit Polo Shirts, available in a range of weights and produced from 100% combed and carded cotton utilizing the highest quality yarns.

Our Sweatshirts are made from various blends of cotton, polyester and viscose combinations. Rib on the sweats is with Dupont Lycra mixes. Finally our T-shirts, made from 100% Combed Cotton and Polyester Blends and in a variety of weights have proved to be a highly popular product, distributed to merchandisers globally.

We are also producing garments with different type Dip Dying and silicon, enzyme washes.

"For all our products, our experts use a selected method of dyeing or printing best suited to each material, to ensure the vibrancy of the print whilst maintaining the softness of the final product. All our apparel is renowned for their high quality finish and our clients include international company Fortune 500, who source apparel from ADI for their outlets around the world"